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NEN 3140 explained in English

The NEN 3140 "Operation of electrical installations - Low voltage" (Dutch: "Bedrijfsvoering van elektrische installaties - Laagspanning") is the Dutch implementation of the European standard EN 50110-1. The NEN 3140 is a partial translation of the EN50110-1 and builds on that with a number of Netherlands specific rules.

The standard applies to all electrical systems with a nominal voltage of up to 1000 VAC or 1500 VDC. Higher voltage are covered in the standard NEN 3840 "Bedrijfsvoering van elektrische installaties - Hoogspanning".

Electrical systems are defined by the standard as all the equipment used to generate, transport, convert, distribute and use electrical energy. This includes stored energy in batteries and capacitors.

The standard discusses both the daily operational-, and the maintenance component of electrical systems. Inspections on installations and equipment (PAT testing) are an important part of the standard.

Before receiving their assignment letter employees who work on- or with electrical installations in the Netherlands require instruction according to the Dutch standard NEN 3140 "Operation of electrical installations - Low voltage".

Additionally all electrical installations require a “Responsible for the Installation” (Installatieverantwoordelijke) and work on installations will be managed by a “Responsible for the Working” (Werkverantwoordelijke). These persons also require an assignment letter.

For more information on NEN 3140 electrical safety training in English see the AREPA Argus website.